At Laser and Grain, we are passionate about sustainability and averse to unnecessary waste. All of our wood is from FSC registered sources. Our laser is powered from 100% renewable energy and our offcuts are inventively utilised for smaller products such as keyrings, dog tags and decorations. 

We only use wood treatments that are derived from plant materials and have been deemed safe to human, animal and plant life. We are also diligent in our search for materials, seeking out suppliers who are environmentally and ethically minded.

We do our best to follow the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” mantra, and avoid the single-use, throw-away culture. So, if you come across any plastic packaging in your order, it’s because it came with our washing machine! In terms of new packaging, we always use fully recyclable options, with a preference for packaging made from recycled materials. We aren’t perfect, but we can promise that we are always actively seeking out new ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Our Materials

Whilst we predominately work with wood, we can also cut and engrave a wide range of natural and sustainably sourced materials including card, cork, slate and leather. We prefer not to use non-natural products, however, if you reaaally want, we can source recycled acrylic if there are no appropriate alternatives for your project.